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    Reimagine Cities of the Future

    The Platform of Choice for AEC
    Companies Worldwide

    NVIDIA technologies are playing a key role in creating tomorrow’s cities—from building design and virtual construction rehearsals to powering autonomous construction vehicles and deep learning-enabled safety compliance. Breakthroughs in AI, graphics virtualization, and real-time engineering simulation are transforming building and infrastructure design workflows, enabling architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms to reimagine our world’s future.


    Auto image courtesy of Epic Games and Porsche.


    NVIDIA Quadro RTX-powered desktop and mobile workstations deliver the intelligent performance AEC project teams need to meet today’s most demanding workflows. Leverage the latest advancements in real-time ray tracing, VR, and AI-augmented tools to optimize design processes and build cities of the future.


    Research shows that advanced, scalable technologies and solutions are bringing efficiency to AEC projects while delivering substantial savings in both time and costs.


    Discover how advancements in GPU technology, real-time ray tracing, AI, and virtual reality technologies accelerate the building design process and help drive the development of smart cities.

    AEC Webinar Series

    Hear from NVIDIA product experts and your industry peers on how they’re overcoming challenging AEC workflows—and getting impressive results.

    Real-time Ray Tracing with Unreal Engine and Quadro RTX

    Learn how NVIDIA RTX? technology enables the Unreal Engine renderer to produce real-time ray-traced transparency, soft shadows, reflections, and other complex lighting phenomena.

    Rocking Design Reviews with Virtual Reality

    Watch this webinar to learn how Suffolk-Yates and Theia Interactive leveraged VR technology to produce more effective design reviews that saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    NVIDIA Holodeck Accelerates AEC Design Reviews in VR

    Listen to NVIDIA and IBI Group- a technology-driven AEC design company- as they introduce the new tools that NVIDIA Holodeck provides for collaborative design review.

    Bringing Design Reviews to Life with VR and AR

    Learn how Perkins+Will has integrated VR and AR into their workflows to optimize product development and make design reviews more efficient.

    AEC Industry News and Stories

    Quadro RTX Powers Real-Time Global Illumination for Unreal Engine

    Zoan and BuildMedia explain how they bring architectural spaces to life with photo-real accuracy in real-time with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.22 and Quadro RTX.

    Real-Time Rendering for Architectural Visualization

    Enscape shares how they are making architectural walk-throughs more realistic than ever when running on Quadro RTX.

    NVIDIA-Powered VR Gives Suffolk-Yates Rock Star Status

    Virtual reality powered by NVIDIA? Quadro? GV100 made it possible for Suffolk-Yates to get the insight to significantly reduce the number of iterations, saving their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Embrace Technology and Design More

    KPF architecture firm shares how their global teams are making strides in visualization, creating more time to design.

    Empowering Project Teams with NVIDIA Quadro vDWS

    Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf delivers high-quality, 3D virtual workstations accessible anytime, anywhere with NVIDIA Quadro vDWS.

    NVIDIA Solutions Bring New Headquarters to Life

    Learn how architecture firm Gensler used NVIDIA’s physically based rendering technology and VR platform to guide the design of its stunning new Silicon Valley building.

    WBCM Provides Fully 3D Capable Virtual Workstations

    WBCM deploys NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions to enable its workforce to access high-end design applications and deliver a high-quality Windows 10 user experience. 
    Read Story >

    NVIDIA Solutions Bring New Headquarters to Life

    Learn how architecture firm Gensler used NVIDIA’s physically based rendering technology and VR platform to guide the design of its stunning new Silicon Valley building. 
    Watch Now >

    Making Light Work of Photorealistic Lighting Design

    NVIDIA? Iray? delivers fast, photometrically accurate results that enable rapid design iterations, increased project throughput, and expanded capabilities at Lam Partners.
    Read Story >


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    Get the latest news on NVIDIA solutions for AEC.